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Silver Spoon Club

Your way to save money at The Wooden Spoon!

The Silver Spoon Club is the Wooden Spoon’s popular reward program.   All that is required is your name, e-mail address and, if you would like to receive a $25 credit valid towards a cooking class during your birthday month, we will also need your birth month. 

There are no fees and no card to carry.

As a member you will receive: 

  • A $25 credit toward any available class valid during your birthday month
  • One point for every dollar spent
  • Points redeemable for services or products
  • Bonus points for specific classes or products
  • First look at upcoming events and classes
  • Exclusive offerings on classes and products
  • Additional benefits for top members
  • No expiration on point accrual

Membership is easy and very rewarding!

Silver Spoon Club FAQs

What information of me do you need for me to be a member?

We simply need your name and e-mail address. However, if you would like to receive your birthday present, we simply need your birth month.

Why do you need my e-mail address and birth month?

Our only method to correspond to you is by e-mail. That is how you will receive your member benefits, including your birthday present. 

How do you track points?

We track your spending through your name and e-mail address. When you make a purchase in person or online, you will be asked for your e-mail address.  

Can I earn points for private events?

No. Points are earned for purchases on classes and kitchenware items only.

How do I redeem my points?

In the case of a kitchenware purchase, the redemption must be processed in person at the time of purchase. In the case of a class purchase, the redemption can be processed by phone or in person and can apply to a purchase made online, in person or by phone. 

Can I receive points on purchases I have made prior to joining the Silver Spoon Club?

No, unfortunately we are not able to retroactively give points.

Can I earn points without giving you my e-mail address?


What if I forget to give you my e-mail address so that I can receive points on a purchase?

You have 30 days in which you may contact us to receive the credit. We will require a copy of the receipt in order to process your credit.

Can I “Bank” my points?

Absolutely. The more you hang onto your points, the more they are worth.

Do points expire?


Can I earn points when someone else pays?

No, you must be the person who pays the bill.

Can two members from the same household share one Silver Spoon account?

Sure. As long as you are listed under the same e-mail address.

How will I know what my points are?

Every time you make a purchase, you will receive a point status. You can also email or call us for an update.

More questions? Email us : info@woodenspoonchicago.com

Silver Spoon Rewards

Reward Level Description Approx.
130 Points
REWARD130A $10 Store Credit $10.00
REWARD130B Knife Sharpening (3 Knives) $14.00
REWARD130C Citrus Juicer $14.00
250 Points
REWARD250A $20 Store Credit $20.00
REWARD250B Knife Sharpening (6 Knives) $24.50
REWARD250C Wooden Spoon Apron $30.00
375 Points
REWARD375A $35 Store Credit $35.00
REWARD375B Epicurean - Cutting Board 13" x 18" $40.00
REWARD375C Microplane Zester, Non Stick Tongs, RSVP Slotted Spatula $38.00
500 Points
REWARD500A $50 Store Credit $50.00
REWARD500B 1 Free Class ($65 Value) $65.00
REWARD500C William Bounds - Peppermill & Peppercorns $60.00
650 Points
REWARD650A $75 Store Credit $75.00
REWARD650B Old Stone Pizza Stone, Pizza Peel, and Pizza Cutter $80.00
REWARD650C Lodge - Reversible Grill $80.00
800 Points
REWARD800A $95 Store Credit $95.00
REWARD800B Wusthof - Santoku Knife & Knife Guard $110.00
REWARD800C All Clad - 12" Fry Pan with Lid $100.00
1000 Points
REWARD1000A $120 Store Credit $120.00
REWARD1000B 2 Free $65 Classes & 1 Wooden Spoon Apron $160.00
REWARD1000C Shun - 8" Chef's Knife $135.00

Silver Spoon Terms and Conditions

The Silver Spoon is for individual customers only. Points may not be credited to business entities. Points are earned from the time of joining the club and have no expiration.

Points are earned for each dollar spent (excluding tax and tip), including gift certificate, classes and merchandise purchases. Certain restrictions may apply.

Only the person paying the bill may be credited with points for any purchases. We will make every effort to ask if you are a member, however, it is your responsibility to inform us of your membership at the time of purchase to be credited with points. If you do not earn a minimum of one purchase during a two-year calendar year, we reserved the right to forfeit your membership account.

Silver Spoon reward points are not valid in conjunction with any other offers, discounts and promotional certificates.

The Wooden Spoon reserves the right to make changes in the rules or prizes, audit or cancel your account, or terminate the program at any time without advance notice. Federal and State tax liabilities are the responsibility of the member. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older to become members. Employees of the Wooden Spoon, and its affiliated vendors, companies and their families are not eligible for membership.