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Silver Spoon Club

Receive 10% back in $poon Cash on all your non-sale purchases by joining our popular Silver Spoon Club.

Membership is easy and very rewarding!

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  • A birthday gift valid during your birth month
  • 10% back in $poon Cash on non-sale items
  • $poon Cash is redeemable for services or products
  • First look at upcoming events and classes
  • Exclusive offerings on classes and products
  • Additional benefits for top members

There are NO fees or card to carry!

All that is required is your name, e-mail address, phone number, and birth month.

$poon Cash is 10% back on all your non-sale items that can be used towards merchandise, classes, private events or knife sharpening. On a quarterly basis we will email you a $poon Cash notification directing you to our website where you can log into your account and view your $poon Cash voucher. $poon Cash vouchers can be redeemed for in-store and online products and services, but $poon Cash does expire 90 days after issuance... so spend it!

  • Points earned between January-March will be converted to $poon Cash on July 1
  • Points earned between April-June will be converted to $poon Cash on October 1
  • Points earned between July-September will be converted to $poon Cash on January 1
  • Points earned between October-December will be converted to $poon Cash on April 1

What information do you need for me to be a member?

We need your name, e-mail address, phone number, and birth month.

Why do you need my e-mail address?

E-mail is our only method to correspond with you. Don't worry, we only send a couple of emails a month.

Why do you need my phone number?

It identifies your account.

Why do you need my birth month?

So we can give you a birthday present!

How do you track points?

We track your spending through your name, e-mail address, and phone number. When you make a purchase in person or online, you will be asked for your e-mail address.

When do I get my $poon Cash?

On the first day of January, April, July, and October we'll email you a notification informing you that you have $poon Cash in your account. $poon Cash vouchers can be accesed by logging into your online Wooden Spoon account.

How do I redeem my $poon Cash?

For online purchases you just enter your $poon Cash code at check-out, and for in store or phone purchases our retail staff will need your $poon Cash code.

Can I redeem $poon Cash for private events?

Absolutely. $poon Cash can be redeemed for merchandise, classes, private events, and knife sharpening.

Can I earn points for private events?

No. To keep party prices competitive we cannot offer points.

Can I receive points on purchases I have made prior to joining the Silver Spoon Club?

Yes. We will honor purchases made within 30 days of your account activation.

Can I “Bank” my points?

No. Points are converted to $poon Cash on a quarterly basis. Unused $poon Cash expire after 90 days of issuance.

Can two members from the same household share one Silver Spoon account?

Yes. As long as we have a valid email, phone number, and birth month of one household member.

How will I know how many points I have?

Every time you make a purchase in the store you will receive a point status on your receipt, and once you have an online account you will be able to access your point total and $poon Cash vouchers in your account.

More Questions?

Email: info@woodenspoonchicago.com

Phone: (773) 293-3190

The Silver Spoon Club is for individual customers only. Points may not be credited to business entities. Points are earned from the time of joining the club.

Points are earned for each dollar spent on non-sale merchandise, gift certificates, knife sharpening, and classes. Certain restrictions may apply.

We will make every effort to ask if you are a member, however, it is your responsibility to inform us of your membership at the time of purchase to be credited with points. If you do not earn a minimum of one purchase during a two-year calendar year, we reserved the right to forfeit your membership account.

The Wooden Spoon reserves the right to make changes in the rules or prizes, audit or cancel your account, or terminate the program at any time without advance notice. Federal and State tax liabilities are the responsibility of the member.